Restorative Dentistry



Dental Restorations in Tenafly

Restorative dentistry is not just about repairing teeth; it's about restoring confidence, functionality, and the joy of smiling.

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It’s great news that the incidence of tooth decay has significantly diminished over the years due to the use of fluorides and an increase in patient awareness. However, teeth are still susceptible to decay, infection, and breakage and sometimes need to be restored back to health. Through improved techniques and modern technology, we are now able to offer more options for restoring a tooth back to its normal shape, appearance and function.

Should your teeth ever require a restorative treatment, you can rest assured knowing we will always discuss with you the available options, and recommend what we believe to be the most comfortable and least invasive treatment. Providing you with excellent care is our number one priority when creating your beautiful smile.


Restorative Dental Procedures

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Composite Fillings

A composite (tooth-colored) filling is used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay, cracks, fractures, etc. The decayed or affected portion of the tooth will be removed and then filled with a composite filling.

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Crowns & Caps

Prosthetic crowns are generally made from porcelain, metal or a combination of the two. They have been designed to mimic the natural crown (surface of the tooth) and can last for up to a decade, and possibly longer.

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Dental Implants

Implants are designed to replace the natural teeth in the best possible way. Titanium roots are implanted in the jawbone in the same way as natural tooth roots. Implants look and feel the same as natural teeth.

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Where many teeth have been lost, removable or fixed partial or complete dentures can prove to be an excellent option. They enhance the aesthetics of the smile in addition to improving chewing abilities.

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Empress® Restorations

Empress® is continually refining and enhancing restorations to ensure that they look natural and restore complete functionality to the teeth. Empress® restorations are completely metal-free.

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Dental Bridges

Conventional and cantilever bridges are used to support a prosthetic tooth. The natural teeth can support the bridge if they are in good condition, or dental implants may be used as anchors.

Inlays in Tenafly


An inlay restoration is a custom-made filling made of composite material, gold, or tooth-colored porcelain. It is made by a professional dental laboratory and is permanently cemented into the tooth by your dentist.

Onlays in Tenafly


An onlay restoration is a custom-made filling made of composite material, gold, or tooth-colored porcelain permanently cemented onto the tooth by your dentist. It is sometimes also referred to as a partial crown.

Root canal therapy in Tenafly

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy saves infected teeth by removing decayed tissue. Learn about signs, procedures, and aftercare for successful treatment. Root canal treatment is highly successful and usually lasts a lifetime.


Reasons for Restorative Dentistry

● Enhance your smile.● Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth.● Improve or correct an improper bite.● Prevent the loss of a tooth.● Relieve dental pain.

● Repair damaged and decayed teeth.● Replace missing teeth.● Replace old, unattractive dental treatments.● Restore normal eating and chewing.